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Program at a Glance

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

13:00                           Registration opens

14:00—14:15              Welcome & Introduction

14:15—16:00              Session 1: Actin-Myosin interactions, novel structural and mechanical aspects
                                     Chairs: Malcolm Irving (UK); Dilson Rassier (Canada)

16:00—16:30              Coffee break and Visit of Exhibitors

16:30—17:15              Debate session I: Muscle contraction: Is Titin contributing actively?
                                     Discussants: Vincenzo Lombardi (Italy); Julio Fernandez (USA)
                                     Moderator: Miklos Kellermayer (Hungary)

17:15—18:00              Keynote I: Stefan Raunser (Dortmund, Germany)
                                     The power of cryo-electron microscopy: Structure of a human cytoplasmic actomyosin complex at near-atomic resolution  
                                     Chair: Kristina Djinovic-Carugo (Austria)

18:00                           Welcome Reception in the Lobby of Seminaris Seehotel      

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

08:30—10:15               Session 2:  Titin and its binding partners
                                      Chairs: Wolfgang Linke (Germany); Olga Mayans (Germany) 

10:15—11:30               Coffee break, Poster Discussions, and Visit of Exhibitors

11:30—13:15               Session 3: E-C coupling and neuromuscular interactions
                                      Chairs: Laszlo Csernoch (Hungary); William Louch (Norway)

13:15—14:15               Lunch

14:15—16:00               Session 4: Stem cell-derived myocytes, experimental genome editing, muscle tissue  engineering
                                      Chairs: Lucie Carrier (Germany); Michael Regnier (USA)

16:00—16:45               Keynote II: Norbert Hübner (Berlin, Germany)
                                      Dissecting the genetic basis of translational regulation in heart failure
                                      Chair: Martina Krüger (Germany)

16:45—17:15               Coffee break and preparation for sightseeing tour

17:15                            Departure in front of Seminaris hotel for sightseeing tour to New Palace/Sanssouci Park

                                      Dinner on your own

Thursday, September 21, 2017

08:30—10:15               Session 5: Signaling and regulatory mechanisms
                                      Chairs: Anders Arner (Sweden); Belinda Bullard (UK)

10:15—12:00               Coffee break, Poster Discussions, and Visit of Exhibitors

12:00—12:45               Debate session II:  Residual force enhancement in muscle – Facts and fancy
                                      Discussants: Walter Herzog (Canada); Dilson Rassier (Canada); Daniel Hahn (Germany); Wolfgang Linke (Germany)
                                      Moderator: Wolfgang Linke (Germany)

12:45—13:45               Lunch

13:45—15:30               Session 6: Muscle protein development, turnover and repair
                                      Chairs: Julia von Maltzahn (Germany); Robert Bryson-Richardson (Australia)

15:30—16:00               Coffee break and Visit of Exhibitors

16:00—17:45               Session 7: Plasticity, metabolism and energetics
                                      Chairs: Christoph Handschin (Switzerland); Graham Lamb (Australia)

17:45—18:30               Business Meeting - All Registrants are invited  

19:00                            Social Dinner / Boat tour on lake,  Departure at pier behind Seminaris hotel


Friday, September 22, 2017

08:30—10:15              Session 8: Heart failure and cardiomyopathies
                                     Chairs: Nazha Hamdani (Germany); Simon Sedej (Austria)

10:15—10:45              Coffee break and Visit of Exhibitors

10:45—12:30              Session 9: Skeletal muscle diseases
                                     Chairs: Lars Larsson (Sweden); Isabelle Richard (France)

12:30—13:00              Closing Ceremony and Young Investigator Award



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