The conference will cover all aspects of muscle biology, with a focus on both basic research and disease-related findings:

  • Skeletal muscle structure and function
  • Heart muscle structure and function
  • Smooth muscle structure and function
  • Actomyosin interactions
  • Contractility and force generation
  • Large cytoskeletal muscle proteins
  • Regulation of muscle contraction
  • Muscle development, turnover and repair
  • Protein quality control in muscle
  • Stem cell-derived myocyte and cardiomyocyte cultures
  • Muscle tissue engineering
  • Experimental genome editing
  • Signalling mechanisms in muscle
  • Excitation-contraction coupling and neuromuscular interactions
  • Skeletal muscle diseases
  • Heart failure and cardiomyopathies
  • Muscle exercise, metabolism, energetics and plasticity


Confirmed Chairs and Speakers:

Anders Arner (Sweden)

Robert Bryson-Richardson (Australia)

Belinda Bullard (UK)

Lucie Carrier (Germany)

Laszlo Csernoch (Hungary)

Kristina Djinovic-Carugo (Austria)

Julio Fernandez (USA)

Nazha Hamdani (Germany)

Christoph Handschin (Switzerland)

Walter Herzog (Canada)

Norbert Hübner (Germany), Keynote

Malcolm Irving (UK)

Miklos Kellermayer (Hungary)

Martina Krüger (Germany)

Graham Lamb (Australia)

Lars Larsson (Sweden)

Wolfgang Linke (Germany)

Vincenzo Lombardi (Italy)

William Louch (Norway)

Gabriele Pfitzer (Chair of YIA committee) (Germany)

Dilson Rassier (Canada)

Stefan Raunser, Keynote (Germany)

Michael Regnier (USA)

Isabelle Richard (France)

Simon Sedej (Austria)

Julia von Maltzahn (Germany)







Conference Secretariat

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Bautzner Str. 117–119
01099 Dresden, Germany

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